Own Unique Top Level Domain in Web3 with Pool.com

Started by zaibakhan586, Jan 18, 2023, 11:23 AM

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zaibakhan586Topic starter

Pool.com, a player in the domain drop-catching business, has launched a new business model amidst the crowded market of companies selling alt-root domain names.

The company has relaunched as a web3 domain name business, similar to Handshake, where people can register top level domains and sell second level domains under them.

Pool.com offers access to purchasing unique Top Level Domains in Web3, as well as minting and distributing Second Level Domains, and allowing users to sell them to others. The company is also running a sunrise period for trademark holders to register their marks as "Pool Infinity Domain" for domains that will be available to the general public if unclaimed by March 10.

However, one of the challenges of this business is name collisions, especially with Handshake domains. For instance, .startup can be registered in Pool Infinity Domains, but Namecheap currently offers second level registrations under the same string on Handshake.

To register a top level domain for two years, Pool.com charges $25,000 and a 30% commission for second level domains sold through the platform. Second level domains in many extensions, including emojis, are available for a cheaper price of $5.

It may seem complicated, but Pool.com's 24/7 call centre team ensures full support for all web3 needs.