What to do with abandoned site?

Started by argoway, Aug 27, 2022, 12:46 AM

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Occasionally, active websites with domain names present themselves. In the event that the owners do not respond to inquiries and the domain goes up for sale, what course of action should be taken?

1) Register the previous DNS (allowing visitors to view the website, but not showing the sale offer).
2) Register the DNS of a store or parking page (showing the sale offer, but not the website).

In the effort to sell the domain, is it worthwhile to temporarily restore the website while the hosting is still functional?

Alternatively, can one purchase a domain for its previous contents?

While good websites are typically not abandoned, unforeseen events may occur.


There is little point in maintaining someone else's website, particularly if the intention is to sell the domain. The responsibility for the site lies with the domain owner. In rare cases where the site is charitable, highly useful, or greatly needed, it may be worth supporting and returning the domain to the original owner for reimbursement, but typically such domains should not be acquired for resale.

While the goal may be clear - obtaining a domain from an active website rather than a parking page - a new owner may not have any interest in the old site and may even prefer to remain ignorant of its contents. It is best to notify administrators promptly if a domain is accidentally dropped but the site is still operational, rather than risk the site being transferred to a new administrator along with the domain.

Furthermore, during the purchase process, there may be a risk of hosting ending abruptly and content being lost, so it is important to retrieve it promptly.

Although taking over an abandoned website may seem exciting, it is not always without its challenges.


Many users find that they can just take and close the site, saying that it will stop working on its own. There is only one thing, but if the registration period has expired, then you can safely register it and place your projects on it or just information about the sale of the domain.


The most effective approach would be to generate fresh pages on the same website and gradually link them to the old site. This will create semantic links, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of the promoted website.

It is important to note that redirecting the entire site to the main page of a second website will not have the same impact as a page-by-page redirection. In situations where not all pages need to be redirected, creating targeted redirects to relevant sections of the new website is also a viable option.

In addition, when updating a website, it is important to consider not just the technical aspects of redirection, but also the user experience and the overall purpose of the site. A well-crafted redesign can lead to positive outcomes beyond simply maintaining search engine rankings.