Why Listing domain on Multiple Sites May be Limited

Started by kompany, Jun 03, 2023, 12:33 AM

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Hello everyone,

I currently have a few TLD names parked on Dan's platform. However, I've noticed that when I try to list these names on other sites, they typically require me to use their own domain name parking services. This can be limiting and prevents me from listing my names on multiple sites.

One alternative solution I'm considering is to create a simple page for each domain name with a "For Sale" sign. This way, potential buyers can easily find and contact me if they're interested.

I would appreciate any advice or opinions on what the best course of action would be in this situation. Additionally, I have previously used Sedo parking and earned a small amount of money there. Are there any other potential platforms I could explore?

Thank you all.


Personally, when I purchase a new domain, I prefer to park it on Bodis until I have the motivation to work on it. Although I have only created one landing page so far, my intention was to create several more.

For myself, if a domain is generating even one cent, I will continue to utilze Bodis parking services (since it indicates that the domain is receiving some level of traffic). If it is receiving an insufficient amount of views or clicks, I will confirm that it is properly functioning, and if so, I will either sell/drop it or renew/build, in order to increase its traffic.

That is my current strategy, however, to this day, I have only produced one lander!


Creating a simple "For Sale" page for each domain name can indeed be a good alternative to showcase your domains and make it easier for potential buyers to contact you directly. This way, you have more control over the selling process and aren't restricted to specific domain parking services.

As for exploring other potential platforms, there are several options you could consider. Sedo is a popular choice, but you might also want to look into marketplaces like Flippa, Afternic, or even domain forums and communities where you can connect with potential buyers directly.

 Here are a few more potential platforms you can explore for selling your parked domain names:

1. GoDaddy Auctions: GoDaddy is a well-known domain registrar and also has an auction platform where you can list and sell your domains.

2. Namecheap Marketplace: Namecheap offers a marketplace where you can list your domains for sale, reaching their large customer base.

3. Efty: Efty is a domain management platform that provides customizable "For Sale" landing pages for your domains, allowing you to showcase your domains and manage inquiries.

4. DomainAgents: DomainAgents is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of domain names. They offer negotiation services and facilitate secure transactions.

5. Undeveloped: Undeveloped is a domain marketplace that allows you to list your domains for sale and provides features like automated negotiations, domain transfers, and escrow services.

 few more potential platforms you can explore for selling your parked domain names:

1. Flippa: Flippa is a popular marketplace for buying and selling websites, as well as domain names. They have a large user base and offer various listing options.

2. Afternic: Afternic is a domain marketplace owned by GoDaddy. By listing your domains on Afternic, you gain exposure to a wide audience of potential buyers.

3. SedoMLS: SedoMLS is a distribution network that allows you to list your domains on various partner registrars, giving you broader exposure and increasing the chances of finding a buyer.

4. DAN.com: DAN.com is a domain marketplace that offers various sales options, including auctions and buy-now listings. They also provide secure transactions and support for domain transfers.

5. NamePros: NamePros is a popular domain forum and community where you can interact with other domain investors and potential buyers. You can list your domains for sale in the dedicated marketplace section.