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Started by searchcandy, Jul 28, 2022, 10:30 AM

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If domain name prices remain steady, a reselling plan and opportunities exist. You can start by working for free initially and gradually increase fees to generate profit without cheating. Is this a profitable and sustainable business?

What other services can be provided alongside it for profitability? Flooding forums alone won't help, so what is the best approach to take? It's important to note that success will require effort and time dedication, despite occasional doubts and questions.


While possible to take on any task, doing so may be challenging and not necessarily lucrative. However, incorporating hosting services into your offerings may lead to additional opportunities.
Those who seek other hosting providers are either in search of lower prices or more reliable options. Attempting to rank among the top positions in search engines would prove costly and unlikely to yield significant returns.


Investment sources for the domain name market can range from personal funds to borrowed capital. However, for resellers, registrar partners, and domain investors, it's best to commence with personal savings rather than loans. The founder's time invested in the business is a valuable investment. For beginners, marketing skills and customer attraction abilities are crucial factors that affect profitability and business prospects. In this industry, the founder's expertise and hands-on approach are significant elements for success.

As for starting points, comparing the primary and secondary markets is impossible as they require different approaches. The primary domain market follows typical retail rules where sales share is proportional to store shelf space and average check size correlates with buyer time spent in the store. In contrast, domaining is a boutique service that necessitates knowledge and trend awareness along with client-finding skills. Therefore, choosing a niche relevant to the individual starting the business is essential.