Free Web Hosting Package: Benefit from Ad Free Hosting

Started by fedotofAw, Feb 17, 2024, 01:01 AM

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Hostvento is pleased to offer a free web hosting package, along with other plans available on their website at

*Why Choose Us?
- Ad Free Hosting
- Save Big - Get up to 50% off when buying 3 or more services!
- Friendly Staff.
- Fast Support via Live chat and ticket.
- We offer Custom Solutions for your needs.
- Instant Setup when passing fraud checks.*

About Us
Hostvento is a budget hosting provider, not owned by any corporate giants in the industry. They aim to provide affordable web hosting solutions without compromising on hands-on customer support.

Server Information
The servers are powered by Intel Xeon Processors with 32GB RAM.

*Free Plan
5GB Diskspace
50GB Bandwidth
Softaculous Included
Nodejs/python included.
Free SSL
Free Backup
Free Support
5 MySQL Database
1 FTP Account*
Sign up Here

The Free Hosting FAQ's section addresses common queries related to free hosting accounts, such as server segregation, contacting support, availability of Softaculous, account upgrades, migration to paid hosting, content guidelines, and the sign-up process.

Abuse Policy
Hostvento maintains a zero tolerance policy against abuse of services.