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Started by MichelClark001, Dec 22, 2022, 09:55 AM

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Is it feasible to have a domain named, with a game server at port 7777 and a website at port 80, but hosted on separate servers and IP addresses? If yes, what is the process for setting it up?


In theory, it is feasible to reroute traffic through iptables or the lvs mechanism, but it may be more advantageous to distribute it amongst subdomains. To accomplish this, the game server must listen on port 7777 while the web server should be on port 80. Adjusting the settings of the game server will allow administrators to specify the port they wish to utilize. In contrast, the web server generally defaults to port 80.

Routing traffic through iptables or lvs mechanisms can allow for more granular control over traffic redirection but may be more complicated to set up and manage. On the other hand, distributing traffic across subdomains can provide an effective means of load balancing without the added complexity of using specialized routing mechanisms.

Regardless of the method used to distribute traffic, ensuring that the correct ports are used for each service is essential for maintaining a stable and functional system.


My suggestion would be to place the website on and the application on This will allow all search engine links to point towards www, while direct visitors will be redirected from the application server to the website on the webserver.

By implementing these changes, administrators can ensure that users are directed to the correct server based on their method of access. While this method may require additional setup and configuration, it can provide a user-friendly experience and improve the overall stability of the system. Additionally, separating the website and application across different subdomains can allow for more effective load balancing and performance optimization.


Put the game server on the server with the site. The site is on port 80 (433), and the game is on another - so it's possible.


This can be achieved through DNS (Domain Name System) configuration. Here's the process for setting it up:

1. Register the domain name "" with a domain registrar if you haven't already done so.

2. Set up the game server on its dedicated server and assign it an IP address. Configure the game server to listen on port 7777.

3. Set up the website on its dedicated server and assign it a different IP address. Configure the web server to listen on port 80.

4. In your DNS management interface provided by your domain registrar, set up the following records:
  - A record for the game server's IP address, pointing to a subdomain like "".
  - A record for the website server's IP address, pointing to the domain itself "".

5. Optionally, you can also set up a CNAME record for "" to point to the A record of the website server, allowing users to access the website using the www subdomain.

Once the DNS changes propagate (this can take some time), users will be able to access the game server by entering "" in their game client, and the website by entering "" or "" in their web browser.

This setup allows you to host different services on different servers and IP addresses while using the same domain name.