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Started by CrazyNorth, Aug 10, 2022, 05:38 AM

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Would anyone be able to provide a reliable source of high-quality, free images? Specifically, images in the .png format without a background are preferred. Is there a service that does not require adherence to copyright laws?
As I've done some initial research on Google, I would appreciate hearing the input and recommendations from experienced individuals within this forum community.


A compilation of image resources catering to various preferences:

Find high-resolution images for free on a Russian photo stock site with over 100,000 user-uploaded files that undergo moderation.
Public Domain Photos offers a collection of free images created by the PDP photography team.
Pexels aggregates hundreds of thousands of free images from other stock resources, carefully organizes them into categories and tags, and moderates the user-submitted images.
Shopify-owned Burst features business-oriented high-quality images.
Reshot offers a manual selection of pictures to ensure top-notch quality.
Stock Vault primarily targets designers but offers a wide range of good images for everyone.
Negative Space allows you to filter pictures by categories, colors, and tags.
Kaboompics is a personal collection by designer and photographer Karolina with over 14,000 photos available.
Rawpixel offers ten free picture downloads per day after registration.
Stock Snap features many high-quality pictures in various categories.
Unsplash provides a million pictures grouped into thematic collections and tags.
Wikimedia Commons offers over 30 million user-uploaded photos with many historical and art-related images.
Free Images provides a large database of excellent shots, with many available in very high resolution.
Flickr is a community of photographers with a repository of their pictures; many are available for free use upon request.
Picjumbo offers a private collection by photographer and designer Viktor Hanasek in the public domain.
Morguefile is a vast professional and amateur photographer maintained picture archive.

(added) It's important to note that while these resources offer free images, it's essential to verify the terms of use and give proper credit to the creators. Respecting copyright laws helps support and protect the work of talented artists and designers.


Explore these free image resources, which offer high-quality images that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes:

Unsplash is a well-known photo bank that regularly updates their high-quality images, completely free of charge.
Pexels provides a library of free photos, which is available on their mobile app as well. The search function allows you to look up images by keywords or emoticons.
Getty Images allows non-commercial sites to embed some of their images for free.
Pixabay is a community-driven platform that offers free images for commercial use. Their search function includes parameters like color, orientation, and size. They also have a mobile app available for iOS and Android.
Rgbstock requires registration to access its content, but it's free. Users can also create their own galleries to share photos with the community.
Realisticshots adds seven new high-quality photos every week, all of which are free for personal and commercial use.

It's crucial to acknowledge that most images on the web are automatically copyrighted, so using them without proper permission could lead to consequences such as search engines removing pages from your site or facing legal repercussions. If opting for third-party services rather than free photo stocks, be sure to double-check the memo for legally using the images without violating copyright laws.

(added) Always respect the work of artists and photographers by ensuring proper credit is given where it's due. Using free images doesn't give one the right to take ownership of someone else's creativity, so make sure to read through the terms and conditions carefully.