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Started by Rita Jaiswal, Sep 22, 2022, 04:50 AM

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Rita JaiswalTopic starter

There was a recent cleaning of a substantial amount of addresses, although they remained unavailable for use. In response, Durov proposed holding an auction for desirable domain addresses. It is now feasible to employ the format

In addition, I recently created a channel without a message left with the address, which could prove useful for sharing information and updates.


Inaccuracies were not limited to inactive channels that spanned a year or more, and extended to recently created channels as well, resulting in many individuals being misled. A significant fraction of the seized property belonged to the deceivers themselves, which only becomes more apparent upon careful evaluation. Upon re-entering circulation, it's highly probable "cybersquatters from Iran" will take control via their software and impede the acquisition of superior items, leaving Durov with the most valuable assets, such as the 2016 unbought credit.

It's important for individuals to exercise caution and attentiveness when taking part in online activities, particularly those involving financial transactions.


The practice of reclaiming a channel due to one year of inactivity seems odd. An individual may be unable to access their channel for an extended period due to reasons including illness or military service. Even if a person has not posted new content for a year, it doesn't justify seizing their channel, particularly if they previously invested time and effort in it.

Ideally, a more reasonable and adequate time of inactivity should be established, perhaps not less than three years, with Telegram providing periodic reminders leading up to the deadline for reactivation. It's essential that the rules clearly outline what constitutes inactivity and the associated consequences.

Implementing transparent and fair policies will help prevent misunderstandings and build greater trust between users and the platform.