Hetzner PayPal Payment Issue

Started by AMGH, Jun 22, 2022, 11:26 AM

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For three years, I have utilized Hetzner Cloud Hosting, making payments through PayPal and their Debit Card. However, on April 1st, 2022, PayPal was unable to process my payment due to legal complications currently being investigated. Upon contacting PayPal, they were unable to provide any information about the situation and directed me back to Hetzner. Attempting to pay through a bank transfer proved burdensome and resulted in significant fees of Rs. 2995 INR for remittance and swift charges, plus a Rs. 1000 INR CA fee. Even after reaching out to Hetzner customer service for clarity, there was no response about the PayPal issues.

My Indian Credit Card (SBICard) was unable to function with Hetzner or OVHCloud, and there has not been a reason given for the failure. On the other hand, Backblaze and Digital Ocean allow for credit card payments without difficulty. As India is a cost-conscious market, I am looking for affordable hosting options that accept PayPal or credit card payments. Although Digital Ocean is an alternative, it results in a significant rise in hosting costs, and I am hesitant to switch.


That seems odd. Do you have any acquaintances in the US or EU who could transfer the amount directly to your host? Maybe you can ask your friends to make the payment to your host and then reimburse your friend for the cost of the transaction fee. It might be a few extra dollars, but it's better than paying an additional $30-$40. If you can manage to make a bulk payment, that would be even better.

In the past, I've used my advertisers as intermediaries to make payments directly to my hosts. However, since PayPal prohibited Indian users from using their PayPal funds (balance), my host wasn't Hetzer or OVH. Nonetheless, it wouldn't hurt to ask if they can assist you in any way.

Regarding recommendations, unless you specify exactly what you need and your budget, members may not be able to guide you appropriately. You can check out the Offers section in WHT to see if there are any suitable deals available.


If you are still facing issues with your card and have to persist with bank transfer payments, consider checking out wise.com. You can deposit your rupees into the account and then convert them into Euros to send to Hetzner. This approach should result in significantly lower fees than conducting the traditional transfer.


The issue at hand is that the meticulous Germans at Hetzner have two requirements. Firstly, they will only accept payment after issuing an invoice, which will be done on the 20th. Secondly, if you need to change the payment method on an already issued invoice, they will charge twice as much as the cost of the service itself. Therefore, it would be beneficial for me to determine how to pay for the service this month before the 20th. Currently, I have a PayPal payment method established with them.

Furthermore, Hetzner supports SEPA, bank transfer, and credit card payments. I used to pay with a credit card, which incurred a charge of 9 euros every month. When paying through PayPal, you need to click a button.


It seems that PayPal is currently unable to process your payment due to legal complications, and your Indian credit card is not working with Hetzner or OVHCloud without any clear reason provided.

In light of these challenges, you're seeking affordable hosting options in India that accept PayPal or credit card payments. While Digital Ocean is an alternative, it comes with higher hosting costs that you're hesitant to switch to.

It's important to explore all available options to find a suitable hosting provider that meets your requirements. You can consider reaching out to other hosting providers in India to inquire about their payment methods and compatibility with PayPal or credit cards. Additionally, you may want to look into local hosting providers that cater specifically to the Indian market, as they might have more flexible payment options.