How do i get started programing?

Started by the_architect, Jun 23, 2022, 06:22 AM

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What steps can I take to begin programming?


Answering this question requires a lot of information to cover.

To begin with, it would be helpful if you figured out the type of programming language that you are interested in pursuing. Consider the platform you wish to work on -- mobile, desktop, Windows, or cloud. Once you have decided on the language you want to start with, you can do some research online to find out which programming languages are most popular in 2022. Try to gain basic knowledge of each language and assess which one comes naturally to you so you can focus your learning efforts on that.

To keep yourself motivated, set learning goals for yourself. For instance, aim to learn loops one week, integrating functions in another week, and writing code in the first two weeks. That way, you'll see yourself growing and achieving targets as you progress.

I have taken a few programming courses, and setting goals has helped me stay on track and motivated.


One way to learn the basics of programming quickly is to visit your local library and find books on the specific programming topic you are interested in. Most books contain examples that you can work through, allowing you to see firsthand how your programming knowledge translates to real-world applications.

Alternatively, you can sign up for courses available on websites like or These courses generally provide coverage of the history of programming as well as programming fundamentals.

Consistent practice is key to mastering programming, so it's recommended to refresh your knowledge of coding material at least once a week to fully understand each programming language.


I'm glad to see that you have received several responses, although I haven't had a chance to read them yet. Here are some things to consider (which may or may not overlap with previous replies):

1) Understanding your motivation for learning programming is important. What do you hope to achieve with it? Different programming languages can be more efficient for certain tasks, so knowing your goals will enable us to suggest which language would be most useful for you.

2) Once you have identified the language you want to learn, it's essential to understand its rules and operations. While programmers often use several languages, focusing on learning one at a time is beneficial. Learning can be done through reading books, online tutorials, videos, lectures, or even finding someone who knows the language to give you a tutorial.

3) It would help if you built simple programs to get familiar with the language rules. This approach will assist you in seeing how everything fits together.

Please let us know more about what you want to achieve so we can make more specific recommendations. Good luck!


Hi! I think that first of all it is necessary to study the theory of algorithms and data structures. Then you need to choose the direction of programming. And also, what is important, it is necessary to take online courses, since you are a beginner. Good luck in your new endeavor!


you can first start with different articles and topics that interest you the most in this area of ��programming, also you can enroll in paid courses or on your own from reviews or books on youtube :)  :)  :)


First you need to choose your "right" programming language with which you will start your journey. The language you should start with depends on the purpose of learning it. If you are serious about programming, you can start with the C language. Take advantage of free online trainings, they will help you write your first program. Study books on programming, use reference books if you cannot find answers to your questions. Theoretically, you can try to study someone else's code, rewrite someone else's code, examine each line for errors, so you can better understand the big picture. Good luck!


This is not given to everyone. Programming is hard work that needs to be studied for a long time. Now there are many courses and online schools, for example, Netology, where you can take basic lessons for free. And the training itself according to the main program will be paid.

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 Hello! Personally, my methodology for learning programming languages began with the usual, certain allocation of time. I started watching different videos about languages on Youtube. Of course, everything did not work out for me right away, it took enough time and practice (a lot of practice). With this I want to show a simple algorithm: 1) Study (theory); 2) Practice, problem solving, viewing problem solutions; 3) Of course, courses, if possible, study with the best specialists!


Well, insofar as you're asking a question on a hosting forum and things like that, I suggest looking into PHP first. Not all the subtleties of the issue, of course, everything will require a lot of effort and time.
Start with a basic level.
There are no definite boundaries. First of all, you need to know all the standard functions and understand which of them to apply to effectively solve the current problem.