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In general, the experience was satisfactory. The company offers frequent discounts on the most affordable package. However, if you plan to purchase hosting for multiple sites, there are better alternatives available that are both cheaper and have fewer glitches.

A notable occurrence is that upon paying with a credit card, the card information is automatically saved, even if the "do not remember" option is checked. Additionally, automatic renewal for the next payment period can be charged without prior notification. It is important to remember to check if the auto-renewal option is necessary after payment completion.

Fortunately, there is a money-back guarantee if the automatic renewal option was mistakenly selected. It should be noted that the customer support service is primarily staffed by individuals of Hindu descent who may not respond quickly.

madijay is known for being the world's largest domain registrar, serving nearly 70 million domains. They offer a wide range of options for registering domain names in various zones that were once unimaginable. is considered the pioneer of transfer, delegation, partitioning, and privacy options, which have become essential in the US domain market. With GoDaddy, you can efficiently manage your domain in any international zone, although it comes at an additional cost.

One major issue with is their tendency towards greed. Unlike other providers, they do not provide free Let's Encrypt certificates and charge exorbitant fees for commercial SSL. A suitable alternative would be to purchase a cheap certificate from another provider and install it manually on cPanel from GoDaddy.

A unique feature of is the pre-installed Applicationinstallatron tool, which allows for quick installation of web applications without the need to navigate through settings. Its extensive collection of over 85 applications includes both free and paid solutions, perfect for personal pages or serious business websites.