How to promote a service site?

Started by Ольга, Jul 14, 2022, 09:56 AM

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Can the traditional SEO approach be successful in promoting websites by gathering customer search requests and composing a service-related text with relevant keywords?

Gabriel Evans

Promoting a service website requires a tailored approach based on the service instructions. For effective website promotion, it's important to consider the 100 hot spots (out of 200 Google algorithms that affect search rankings) and the 100 cold spots.

 While your promotion idea may be good, it's important to also focus on meta descriptions for each page, keyword optimization, checking your organization's presence on Google Maps (if you have an offline business), and hyperlink and link management. In total, these factors add up to 200 points, and it's recommended to create a white list for your site.


To create a semantic core, the team utilized Google's Keyword Planner and studied competitors' websites and ads on the relevant topic. They collected and reviewed only relevant keywords for the phrase "boiler repair" with a monthly frequency of at least 50 requests. The team monitored the effectiveness of the key phrases regularly and made adjustments as necessary.

For the landing page, the team chose anchor keywords with the customer and created a multi-page landing page with different sections. They added lead capture and callback forms to the site. Through communication with employees and clients of the Service Center, the team identified eight competitive advantages that they highlighted on the landing page.

After the initial launch of the website, the team added call tracking through Callibri multitracking, which listened to incoming calls daily. This allowed them to better understand the needs of website visitors and identify new target sub-segments. Multitracking also helped the team identify the types of spare parts in demand and ensure they were kept in stock. The detail may seem small but could help turn a customer into a regular one.


Build or Revisit Your SEO Strategy. ...
Repurpose Existing Content For New Channels. ...
Post On Forums Like Reddit or Quora. ...
Create Free Resources. ...
Set Up A Profile on Google Business Profile. ...
Build or Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy. ...
Begin Guest Blogging. ...
Look Into Outreach Marketing.