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Started by _XyJIuGaN_, Aug 10, 2022, 10:45 AM

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I purchased the most cost-effective VPS from OVH hosting in order to gain practical experience and learn how to configure it. However, upon receipt of the VPS, I was not provided with any additional information or guidance on how to proceed with the configuration process.
I initially assumed that they would provide me with an IP address and that I could subsequently connect via SSH to continue with the set up, but this was not the case. At this point, I am unclear about what is required of me and would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice that you might have. Thank you kindly for your help!


In particular, I don't have much experience with OVH, but they should have provided me with an IP address upon purchase. It's possible that some actions need to be taken in the control panel to proceed with the set up. Additionally, some companies may not immediately issue VPS and it could take several days before the VPS is available. It's important to check the company's policies to determine their processing times.

Fortunately, OVH has a helpful section on their website dedicated to this topic which can be found at _

In general, most companies follow a similar process. Customers make payments through a billing panel where information about their ordered VPS can often be found. Access to the VPS itself can then be obtained through SSH.

(From personal experience, it's always a good idea to thoroughly research a company's policies and procedures before making a purchase, especially when it comes to hosting services.)


Can you please explain why someone would choose to purchase a server for a website when it seems more affordable and efficient to use an already secured and configured hosting service with reliable technical support? With the amount of money paid for a server, one could easily purchase a year's worth of hosting from reputable providers like (not promoting, just using as an example). Personally, I've been using their services for three months without encountering any issues. However, if it's for file sharing purposes, I can understand why someone might prefer a server to a traditional hosting service.

choice between a dedicated server and a hosting service largely depends on the specific needs and goals of the website owner. It's important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option and determine which one aligns best with your requirements.


It's disappointing that upon acquiring the VPS from OVH hosting, you were left without crucial information to kickstart the configuration process. This lack of guidance has undoubtedly hindered your efforts to gain practical experience and learn the nuances of VPS setup.
First, I advise contacting OVH's customer support as a priority. Clearly communicate the issues you've encountered, emphasizing the urgency of obtaining the essential details such as the IP address and guidance on SSH access. Given the technical nature of VPS configuration, prompt and accurate information is critical to moving forward.

In addition to engaging OVH directly, consider delving into the wealth of resources available through OVH's official documentation. While it may not provide an immediate solution to your specific predicament, familiarizing yourself with their materials could offer insights and alternative approaches to gaining access to the VPS.

Should OVH's response prove unsatisfactory or delayed, I recommend seeking assistance from the broader tech community. Online forums, specifically those dedicated to OVH users or VPS configuration, often house invaluable discussions and troubleshooting tips shared by individuals who have navigated similar challenges.

In navigating this setback, perseverance and resourcefulness will be your greatest allies. Clear and persistent communication with OVH, together with proactive exploration of external resources, will serve as vital pillars in overcoming the hurdles you currently face. I sincerely hope that with concerted effort, you swiftly attain the necessary information and guidance to proceed with configuring your VPS and advancing your practical knowledge in this domain.