Don't sell your domain names for 11 years

Started by ruschan, Aug 11, 2022, 09:00 AM

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Currently, many individuals are selling their domain names for around $1,000 without realizing that in 11 years' time, their value will increase by anywhere from 20 to 30 times. This is similar to how these domains were previously sold for just $20.

Selling domains for $1,000 is a significant mistake. For example, domains only cost reg-fi 20 years ago, but now their worth has increased to $1 million.

The .com zone is the most popular and expensive domain extension globally, and its value will continue to rise due to its significance. As more people register domains under this extension, the price of these domains will automatically increase each day.

While it may cost $110 over 11 years to maintain ownership of the domain, the investment will pay off in tens of thousands just a decade from now.

It's essential to consider why Chinese buyers readily purchase domains while many others undervalue them. Perhaps it's time to take advantage of this opportunity and invest in these domains for future gains.


Before following advice regarding buying or selling domains, it's crucial to consider who is giving this advice and their motives. It's doubtful that someone who has sold fewer than 10 domains for no more than $1000 can provide expert guidance.

In my experience, those with significant accomplishments are less likely to make definitive statements. Even a successful broker cannot guarantee the direction of the market, especially not 11 years into the future.

The domain market is always in flux, with buyers and sellers constantly changing positions.

It's uncertain what the state of domains will be in over a decade. The internet may move towards unification or a new technology may replace it altogether.

When selling domains, it's important to do so strategically to ensure a significant profit that covers costs and provides a substantial return. Investing 60% of the profit in buying new domains at market rates and keeping 40% for personal use is a sound sales model.


Eight years ago, when I was looking for a short domain name for my project at the GoDaddy auction, I accidentally came across to

It cost 700 dollars. The abbreviation for my project did not fit, so I did not buy it.
I bought a suitable four-letter (sbup_com) domain for $ 1,500.

And now even the most seedy three-letter in the .com zone can be quickly sold for 10K dollars. And if you can wait, up to hundreds of thousands dollars can reach.

It's sad of course that I didn't buy it.