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ADBID.BIZ is a partner program with a comprehensive GEO and a wide range of offers in verticals including Gambling, Betting, Trading, and Finance. Their service includes various advantages such as established brands and optimal terms, stable weekly payments, the option to acquire individual working conditions, reliance on direct advertisers, accessible office, and effective promotional materials upon request, high returns for proposal verticals, responsive customer support, personalized webmaster attention, free apps for Android and iOS, and the ability to receive a budget for turnover. They are contactable via Telegram at @YanaADB and @maxadbid.

The text describes a method for siphoning traffic from YouTube targeting cаsinos. The technique is effective and provides significant results. It involves selecting appropriate channels on YouTube with activity, purchasing advertising space, and gaining profit from website visitors redirected from the YouTube channel. Two types of advertising can be bought, namely Integration, where the blogger speaks about the product, and Preroll, whereby ready-made commercials are embedded into the video. It is crucial to include a brief message containing a link to the cаsino beneath the commercial. To start siphoning traffic, it is necessary to register with the affiliate program at and request advice from a manager to select the best offer for the source via TG at @aigoul_support.