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Started by Padonag, Oct 03, 2022, 11:19 AM

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Greetings to the members of DNray Forum!
We are excited to introduce the LuckyAds platform for native advertising that has been developed by highly experienced professionals in the Internet advertising industry.
Our objective is to assist advertisers in expanding their businesses by finding new customers and also collaborating with webmasters to establish long-lasting partnerships.

The LuckyAds platform is a component of a consortium that includes some remarkable projects such as the partner product network, the, which is a traffic arbitration training centre,, an expansive conference on internet marketing and advertising, and many other renowned projects that lead the market in their respective segments.

We offer a personalised approach and a 24/7 support system for over six thousand partners who work with us. In order to be eligible for our services, websites must satisfy certain criteria such as receiving at least 100 unique visitors per day with audiences consisting mainly of the CIS and European regions, content pertaining to 18+ and piracy is restricted, a high CPM, and trustworthy advertisers with an unblemished reputation for withdrawal of funds on request or automatic payments to any payment system.

Furthermore, we have a loyalty programme for our webmasters wherein clicks on advertisements earn them LuckyCash, an internal currency that can be later exchanged for valuable goods, equipment, certificates, and much more through our LuckyStore webmaster store.

We exclusively work with advertisers whose products and services do not contain prohibited content such as 18+ content or those that are illegal. They should also not replicate existing working ads or competitor ads and must not incorporate fraudulent schemes or links or viruses. Detailed guidelines can be found in our "Rules" section.

Here are some of the benefits of using native advertising:

    One of the most effective advertising formats that does not create "banner blindness."
    High reach for new audiences: more than 1 billion ad impressions per month in CIS.
    High traffic quality: more than 30 categories of sites, no resale, a paying audience of 35+;
    Assistance in setting up advertising campaigns.
    Fast moderation.
    Transparent and convenient payment system.

The primary sources of traffic are news and article sites, city portals. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions regarding LuckyAds and give feedback and suggestions for optimising the network. We will assist, answer and teach you as well as share the latest news.

Become a LuckyAds partner and let us help you tackle your business problems!