Marketcall - international affiliate program with Pay-Per-Call

Started by rishisab, Sep 06, 2022, 01:26 AM

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Marketcall is a pay-per-call affiliate network that was founded in 2016. We specialize in Pay Per Call and Cost Per Lead formats and work with offers in various verticals such as real estate and auto (in Russia) and more than 8 verticals in the USA, including insurance, finances, home services, flight booking.

As webmasters, we offer you:
- A wide range of highly-profitable white offers
- An opportunity to launch your campaign quickly targeting US audience
- A transparent system of monetary accruals
- Access to an impressive list of allowed tools and channels
- Weekly payments in a convenient way
- Personal manager assistance
- Free broker processing leads

Your obligation is simply to convey the advertiser's offer to the target audience using the advertising tools provided by us. As for the rest such as improving conversion and content, it's our responsibility.

Please note that cheating calls is prohibited in our partner system. Even one fraudulent call could lead to an instant ban and freezing of all funds in your account.

To get started, register in our system (if you haven't already done so), complete the questionnaire and have an interview with our manager where you will explain in detail how you plan to attract customers. After this, you will get access to the system. It's important to understand that we only grant access to those who are determined to work seriously and won't engage in fraudulent activities (instant ban with freezing of all funds). Thus, having active accounts in other partner systems will be an advantage.

Registration link:

Feel free to contact us on Telegram at if you have any further questions about our services.