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Started by organictextiles, Sep 27, 2022, 10:15 AM

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Greetings, I'm Josef, representing Pushex.net - a unique service that guarantees an increase in revenue from your website.
While many are familiar with the concept of push notifications, we'd like to offer a more in-depth explanation of how our system can create a 20-65% raise in income for you.
As a passive monetization method, Pushex does not require advertising space on your website. Instead, it focuses on monetizing users directly within their browser, regardless of where they are located online. By using pop-up notifications, our tool efficiently reaches users and converts traffic into revenue.

Here are some key advantages of Pushex:
 - It features a large number of advertisers participating in an auction for each subscriber, increasing your click earnings.
 - You have flexibility in configuring the subscription window to maximize your traffic, selecting the option that works best for you.
 - The intensity of mailing, subject of notifications, and degree of monetization are all customizable to fit your needs.
 - Our most aggressive push modes can significantly impact your income for the better.

Pushex offers more than just monetization. Our wide-functional tool allows you to build your own subscriber base for independent monetization. If you want to monetize your database yourself, simply disable the monetization system.

With Pushex, you'll have access to advanced commercial push system tools, including auto-push series, delayed push messages, user segmentation, preview on different platforms, advanced statistics, and more. These options can be combined with Pushex's own monetization methods in any desired ratio.

Plus, as a partner, you'll receive a personal manager who can help you customize the tool to fit your specific needs. Register in our partner account using this link: https://panel.pushex.net/auth?action=register
If you have any questions or need further assistance, you can reach us via Telegram at @pushex_support.


Hello Josef, thank you for introducing Pushex.net and explaining how your service works. It sounds like Pushex offers a unique approach to monetizing websites through push notifications. The ability to monetize users directly within their browser without requiring advertising space on the website is an interesting concept.

I appreciate that Pushex provides flexibility in configuring the subscription window and allows customization of the mailing intensity, notification subjects, and degree of monetization to suit individual needs. It's also great to hear that Pushex offers a wide range of tools, including auto-push series, delayed push messages, user segmentation, preview on different platforms, and advanced statistics.

The option to build a subscriber base for independent monetization is a valuable feature, as it allows users to have control over their database. It's also reassuring to know that personal managers are available to assist partners with customizing the tool to meet their specific requirements.