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Started by ipt, Sep 19, 2022, 10:58 AM

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These are challenging times for everyone, where each day presents a new set of difficulties that we must cope with. Despite this, we want to assure you that we will remain open and that payments will be made as usual. In fact, we have prepared a "Guide to survival in tourism" to help you find opportunities for growth during the crisis.

While the market may be struggling now, it will eventually recover, so we recommend that you focus on improving your project, such as through SEO optimization. We are dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with what is happening and supporting the development of your project. Twice weekly, our team will send you emails containing our best webinars, articles and recommendations, as well as inform you about changes to the partner programs you work with.

Below are some materials that you can study right now to further assist you:

- Survival Guide for Travel Affiliate
This guide aims to help reduce your anxiety levels, assess the situation in the travel market and understand how to prepare for the upcoming season.

- Webinars
All webinars are free and their recordings are available to everyone.

- Blog
Stay updated on changes to partner programs and read articles from the "Cases and tips" section to help improve your project and discover new ways to monetize it.

- Product
We do not encourage travel promotion at this time, but we will help you keep your existing traffic, including programs that are not available in Travelpayouts. For example, the RoomGuru service recently discontinued its affiliate program for some affiliates. By installing our script on your site, you can transfer your traffic from RoomGuru tools to Hotellook.

We stand with you during these challenging times,

Travelpayouts Team