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Started by esparkinfo, Aug 21, 2022, 08:15 AM

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After reviewing the sales statistics on NameBio, it was found that the number of domains sold in July surpassed the amount sold within the rest of the year so far. The most recent days have shown an increase in sales momentum, with many domains selling for mid to high prices. Many of these sales include beautifully designed masks.

There are still some domains available with good masks such as xYZxx and xxYZx. Additionally, the remains of xCNxx, xxCNx, xSHxx, and xxSHx have been picked up.

In regards to the 5L.com disassembled masks, all combinations of any two letters are included, as well as three identical letters in a row such as xхxYZ, YxхxZ, YZxхx. Furthermore, two pairs with a third letter anywhere are also included such as XXYYZ, ZXXYY, and XXYZZ.


It is still possible to find desirable names with three repeated letters during a drop, but they may be subject to auctions where the price can reach several hundred dollars. Recently, there has been a decrease in the number of available domain names through drops. Previously, around 3,000 names were released daily, whereas now that number has dwindled to roughly 2,000 with only 10-15 containing three repeated letters.

Currently, about 30% of all inexpensive domain names remain unregistered, equating to approximately one million 5-letter names. It is unlikely that these will be bought back anytime soon. However, some categories of 5-chips have already been redeemed, such as those with triple repeating letters or starting with double letters.


I only buy five-letter .coms if they contain words or a well-known acronym. A meaningless set of letters is not worth taking.