Available NNN.uk domain names get them quick!

Started by Рупорт, Jun 22, 2022, 03:25 AM

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РупортTopic starter

Some NNN.uk domain names were recently available and the speaker was able to take some of them. They also mentioned that LLL.uk names were previously available but have now been taken up.


I possess 500 domain names with ".co.uk" extension, but it is likely that selling them would be challenging.


One reason why small businesses in the UK prefer .co.uk domains over .com domains is because they are cheaper. Even if the name is long and difficult to remember, a small business with a few employees can still afford to purchase one. According to local business owners, .co.uk domains are popular because of their affordability. The hosting company mentioned was used by the speaker in Germany five years ago and is now considered one of Europe's leading hosting companies, with 12 Gbps connectivity and access to well-known internet exchanges.

Nominet offers discounts on larger domain purchases, which is why the speaker thinks .co.uk domains are inexpensive. They received their certificate of domain ownership from Nominet, so everything is legitimate. The speaker believes that people should not pay more than necessary. Another registrar, Bogerm, offers similar prices for domain registration. Overpaying does not necessarily guarantee satisfaction. While not directly related to domain registration, the mentioned company also offers hosting on both traditional Linux and Windows Web Edition with FP Extensions.