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Started by pawancarrot, Feb 07, 2023, 10:42 AM

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pawancarrotTopic starter

My aim is to establish a global website, and it seems that the most lucrative choice for the domain name is ".site." Despite the fact that there isn't much information available on the internet regarding this domain name's applicability for an international website. Moreover, its registration fee is merely 64 rubles.

Your response to my query is greatly appreciated!


Although the site would be compatible, paying $30 for it seems quite steep. Comparison with indicates that the same domain can be obtained for half the price. Additionally, the term "site" might carry a different connotation in different regions, so an appropriate online domain name is preferable.

I strongly advise checking out the pricing of the extension before making any decisions.


Why not consider any domain name that isn't associated with a specific country for your international website? I cannot think of any particular country that is associated with the domain "site." However, please bear in mind that renewing the domain might prove to be very costly.

On a related note, it might be worthwhile to research the variety of domain extensions available, as there may be one that is more cost-effective.