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Started by Michelangelos, Jun 23, 2022, 05:07 AM

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MichelangelosTopic starter

Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you come across this website: I'm leaving the link here so that Google can hopefully pick it up and anyone searching for bitpox will see my warning.

 This site is a scam – I tested it out with a small amount and although the transaction appeared to be credited, I never received the money. I sent several messages to the site but never received a response. I did manage to briefly use their live chat, but as soon as I explained my situation, the chat disappeared and I was blocked. In short, I highly advise staying away from this obvious scam website.

 I hope that one day Cloudflare (the website protection service) will stop supporting scammers like this.


It has been confirmed that this is a massive scam. In my own test, I exchanged 0.14 BTC (Exchange ID: 2ED70F268CBBFBAC5B46) and received nothing in return.
Furthermore, they block your IP address when you try to chat with them, so I had to constantly change mine just to get through. They also don't respond to any emails. The exchange history on their site is manipulated by them to appear trustworthy – they add fake exchanges to create a false sense of legitimacy.

 After conducting some research, some important notes to consider include the fact that this website was registered on 2017-09-12 and seems to be trying to hide its IP address. Be cautious because they may reappear on the same page if Cloudflare decides to allow them to or under a new name and website.


Based on our experience, any website that offers non-refundable anonymous payment methods is likely a scam. There are numerous reports indicating this. These sites often make impossible promises and use classic scams., for example, calls themselves "Hyip Professional Investors" which seems absurd as it's like calling themselves professional suckers!