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Started by wellm97, Dec 31, 2022, 07:06 AM

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wellm97Topic starter

I am searching for a payment gateway similar to https://payivy.com that supports PayPal but doesn't require me to have a PayPal account. The reason being, I wish to sell my digital products without the use of a PayPal account.
A solution would be to have a payment gateway that supports PayPal and also allows me to withdraw the funds through bitcoin or payza rather than PayPal.


Have you considered using payssion.com as an alternative payment gateway? They may not offer support for PayPal, however, they do provide other payment options that don't have as many refund issues.
Additionally, you can use Bitcoin, Webmoney, or bank transfer to withdraw your funds.
Hopefully, this suggestion proves helpful to you.


WePay is a payment gateway that is capable of handling intricate payments like crowdfunding campaigns and payments from multiple parties. It caters to sites of different sizes and provides a user-friendly support service for companies using their payment gateway. Furthermore, WePay accepts modern payment methods such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Authorize.net offers a payment service that can aid in the expansion of one's business with its dependable and flexible tools. Among its key features are an extensive list of available payment methods, including checks and mobile payments, along with the ability to accept recurring payments and subscription payments. Additionally, they offer a free security service called the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite and a variety of support options, such as help by phone, online chat, and ticket response system. The cost of the service is 2.8% + $0.20 per transaction.