CO.UK domain need help

Started by KelpyMson, Mar 20, 2023, 07:25 AM

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KelpyMsonTopic starter

Okay, I am not currently residing in the UK, and I do not have any interest in selling them. However, there are two titles that have resulted in the creation of multiple parks. I have also extended my unireg subscription for several years, but unfortunately, unireg has now closed down. This happened in May.

I am uncertain about the current situation concerning them, but one thing is clear: anyone can register them, as explicitly stated by G-d. I wonder if this was the case before as well. Do you have any suggestions on what actions I should take or where I should transfer it? I find it peculiar that there are so many registrars with prices listed as "reg" while the transfer price field remains empty. It truly is an unusual top-level domain.

Kitty Solam

I have a friend who uses Dynadot as their domain registrar.
They need to change the TAG from Uni to Dynadot.
If they need any assistance, they should reach out to Dynadot Support.