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Started by AMGH, Jul 14, 2022, 05:22 AM

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Is it feasible to register domains in the .de/.us/.ca domains without citizenship? I am particularly interested in After searching forum topics, I found out that an "administrative contact" is required but couldn't find any information about registrars who can offer this service.

 It's important to note that the domain in question is not, but simply .uk. While there is a proxy service available for .de, none exists for .uk. Can you please inform me of the registrar who offers this service as it is very necessary?


I doubt that there will be a solution. The truth is that zone administrators are scrutinizing domain data more meticulously these days. For instance, only an EU resident can register domains in the EU zone.

Onlinenic previously had a domain registration service for its company in the Eurozone. However, the zone administrator discovered this and halted all such domains until the necessary information was provided.


Domain registration in the .uz zone of Uzbekistan will cost $3.28, while Kazakhstan is slightly more expensive with a price tag of $7.37 for domain registration in the .kz zone. Azerbaijan has a greater variance in pricing, ranging from $11.76 to $23.53 for domain names in the .az zone. Belarus has the most stable prices for domain registration in the .by and .bel zones at $13.18, with prices being the same across registrars.

In Ukraine, domain names in the national zone .ua can be quite costly (up to $74), but domains sold in the or Cyrillic .UKR zones are priced at $13.5 each. For $17, you can buy a domain name in the national zone of Tajikistan (.tj). Armenia has a starting price of $20 for domain registration in the .am zone. In Moldova, domains are slightly more expensive, ranging from $25 to $39 for a .md domain name, and there is a wider spread in pricing among registrars. In Kyrgyzstan, the price is more uniform across registrars, with all of them charging almost the same at 2420 SOM, or $28.5 per name in the .kg zone. It is worth noting that domain names in national zones are not solely purchased due to the connection to the country; they can also be chosen based on their similarity to universally recognized terms or English words.

The most expensive domain name is in Turkmenistan, costing $102.6 per year for a domain in the .tm zone with payment required for ten years up front, amounting to over a thousand dollars. Demand for domains in the .tm zone is typically driven by English-speaking webmasters, as such payments may not be affordable for residents of Turkmenistan.