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Started by chirkovmisha, Jun 21, 2022, 01:06 AM

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The Estonian Internet Foundation manages the .ee ccTLD, which stands for internet country code top-level domain.
The majority of single-word domain names under .ee are already taken. Due to the ease of typing, repeated ccTLDs like .ee have gained popularity. You can advertise your recently registered domains or related sales on this platform.


I have registered two domain names: Purchase.ee and Funds.ee.


The Estonian Internet Foundation, the zone administrator for .ee, has announced a reform which includes changes to the prices of registration and re-registration of domains. Additionally, all domains in the specified zone must be re-registered as soon as possible. The top-level domain .ee reform will commence on October 5. From that date, the registration and re-registration of a domain name in the .ee zone will cost 18 euros plus 20% tax. Even those who previously registered a domain in the free zone pri.ee will need to update their account by providing new data and paying for the previously free domain.

The updated rules allow for the registration of more than one domain name and permits foreign citizens to register domains in the .ee zone. Marek-Andres Kautz, Director of the Estonian Internet Foundation, has emphasized the importance of the Internet and the national domain zone of Estonia in the functioning of the national economy.

It's important to note that if the owner of a .ee domain name does not re-register their domain, the zone administrator will cease to delegate such a domain.