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Started by hufujiyu, Oct 07, 2022, 02:40 AM

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The focal point of this discussion centers around .fi domains (Finland), which is a short main topic.

There are about 5.6 million people living in Finland and utilizing .fi domains, despite the country being a small market. Additionally, those residing in Finland must endure long, dark, and cold winters as well as pricey beer that's not always palatable.

It's been brought up in this conversation whether anyone possesses any domains with the .fi extension. Interestingly enough, it's now possible to register them in Finland without having permanent residency. A participant from the forum who is originally from Finland validated this information.

Personally, I only own three .fi domains with the names Mon, yourcar, and Wet. Furthermore, I have additional .com and .sеxy domains associated with Finland and MR, including "suomi" which translates to "Finland" in Finnish. If time permits, I may explore developing some of these websites.


Even the homeless in Finland are capable of speaking English relatively well. While the population is small, it's still larger than that of places like the Cocos Islands or Western Samoa. Moreover, 90 percent of Finland's population is considered to be wealthy.

I've shared these statistics simply to provide a better understanding of the market. Without having this knowledge, conducting an analysis would be quite challenging. It's worth noting that the population of Finland is around 5.5 million and the GDP per person is $35,379 (compared to France which has a GDP per person of $12,539). Perhaps I'll consider expanding into this area shortly.

PS: It's worth mentioning that geo domains tend to have the highest levels of traffic.


I have friends residing in Finland, and I'm curious to know how long it takes for them to acquire a .FI domain. Additionally, I would appreciate any further information on this process since some individuals remain uncertain about the details involved.

Thank you kindly in advance for your assistance.

it may be useful to note that there are now options available for registering .FI domains even if a person doesn't reside in Finland. This could be an advantageous opportunity for those interested in expanding their online presence beyond their current geographic location.