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Started by tanuja19, Feb 08, 2023, 03:30 AM

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tanuja19Topic starter

Hi there,

Traditionally, I've been sticking to .com domain names because I believed that the market for was too small. However, with the introduction of .au direct, I decided to diversify my portfolio and invest in a few domain names.

To learn more about the Australian domain scene, I did some research and found that the industry is dominated by one company. This became evident as they were the only ones active on forums and it was challenging to get an impartial perspective since they kept referring to their other business. It's disappointing to see that DAYS//Trade is no longer active.

Do you have any thoughts on how to navigate the Australian domain market?


Over the years, I've successfully sold multiple domain names. However, I must admit that the market for these domains is relatively weak. Interestingly, I've had better luck selling .com domain names to owners simply by sending them an email.

I've never found much success in the smaller Australian markets or on Netfleet. From my experience, connecting with end users tends to be more successful in terms of selling domain names. As far as names go, I personally believe they aren't worth the effort. Companies tend to ignore them and prefer using domains which are more widely used in Australia.