Where can I register .DE domain cheaper for non-residents of Germany?

Started by RZA2008, Jul 07, 2022, 09:01 AM

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RZA2008Topic starter

Do you need a German address in the whois or can you use your own?
Alternatively, can you input phony information into the fields and avoid inspection?


Prior to paying for my .DE domain registration, I was prompted to provide a German resident's address. Only after inputting this info could I proceed to the checkout.


Look for a registrar with "Trustee Services" for the .de zone

The domain is registered on your and only your data (you are the registrant), but in the "domain administrator contact", the registrar indicates his representative office in Germany.

This is absolutely legal and allowed by the rules of the zone. In case of problems with the domain, the registry will contact the representative, and the registrar will contact the owner of the domain - this is the essence of "Trustee Services".

6,5 - 8 euro


You, as the registrant, have exclusive ownership of the registered domain data. However, the registrar lists their representative office in Germany as the "contact of the domain administrator," which is permitted under .de zone regulations. In the event of any issues with the domain, the registry contacts the representative, who will then contact you - this is known as "Trustee Services."

Registering domains with EuroDNS.com for 6 euros using a promo code (which has a branch named DNray with similar discount codes) is hassle-free, and local contact information is provided gratis. However, there hasn't really been any need to register there for quite some time now.