Will .CO die a slow death

Started by obmenneg.com, Jun 21, 2022, 01:17 AM

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Will .CO die a slow death?

Absolutely, I can see through it
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obmenneg.comTopic starter

Do you believe that the registry's decision to set the price of most good and decent names at $100 per piece will make investing in this extension less appealing to domain investors and ultimately result in its depreciating value in the next 5 years?


"Sir , what do you mean by 'xyz is boomin'?" In response to your inquiry, OP, I have discovered some decent .co domains on Sav.com with a registration fee of $75 or more. I am not willing to invest in a hand-registered .co domain, as it is unlikely to be of high quality if it hasn't already been taken." Therefore, I recommend focusing on .com, strong .xyz, and strong .io domains.


A few years ago, .CO gained a reasonably sized user base and became popular among speculators, and personally, I believe it is a viable extension. However, like all lesser-used extensions, the registry may have set prices that discourage further growth. I fear that .XYZ may face a similar fate.

It's unfortunate, and I don't own any domains in either extension. Those who are drawn in by recent .XYZ sales should take a look back at the old discussions regarding the .CO trend as a warning and learn from it.


Promoting a website under the '.co' domain zone of Colombia may be more challenging in search engines compared to a domain with the country code '.de', which is German. Google will automatically indicate the website's country as Colombia. Although there is no personal experience with this specific domain, other national domains have been dealt with before, so this is just an opinion.

It's important to note that the '.co' domain is not exclusive to websites related to Colombia. It is often utilized as an alternative to the popular '.com' domain, which frequently comes with a high price tag or is already occupied. Many companies register '.co' domains as short, additional names to streamline their main domain. For example, Google uses 'g.co'. Registering a '.co' domain is open to everyone.


The pricing decisions made by a registry can certainly impact the appeal and value of a domain extension. If the high prices of .CO domains deter domain investors from investing in them, it could potentially result in a decrease in demand and the value of the extension.

However, many factors influence the success and longevity of a domain extension, including its popularity, marketing efforts, and the overall market landscape. It's challenging to predict with certainty what will happen in the next five years, but changes in pricing can indeed have an impact on investor interest and the value of a domain extension in the long run.