Airplanes .us,,, & more .us Domains

Started by sadko7777, Jun 21, 2022, 12:11 PM

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offer a 94 NNN portfolio of domain names for sale, which represents nearly 10% of all domains worldwide. The buyer would need to pay $42 each for the portfolio. There is value in owning a significant portion of a particular class of domains. Anyone interested can contact the seller to receive the list. The BIN price is contingent on payment within 72 hours through either or, depending on mutual agreement between buyer and seller.

The second part of the text displays a list of .us only domain names for sale, along with a BIN for each. Any domain names listed with an expiration date in the same or subsequent month of purchase will be renewed by the seller before transfer to the buyer. Any interested party can contact the seller to buy any of these domain names, and payment should be made within 24 hours via, subject to the seller's approval.