Redirect from one domain to another site via .htaccess

Started by chpolaxvm, Apr 05, 2023, 03:16 AM

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chpolaxvmTopic starter

Through the use of .htaccess, I have set up a redirection from one domain to another. Will the website promptly initiate the redirection?


The redirection should take effect immediately. However, in search results, the pages will be replaced gradually. If the website is extensive, this process may take up to a month. If the redirected pages have not been indexed yet, it is advisable to manually add the essential pages to facilitate reindexing and expedite their inclusion in the search index.


Once the redirect is correctly set up, the redirection will take effect promptly. However, it may require some additional time for search engines to index the redirection. This means that for a few more days, links to the "old" domain may still appear in search engine results. Nevertheless, when users click on these links, they will be automatically redirected to the "new" domain.