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Started by kradha707, Dec 30, 2022, 02:47 AM

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kradha707Topic starter

Greetings to everyone!
I have been the owner of this domain for quite some time now, and recently received an offer via WHOIS that was not advertised or utilized in any way.
Interestingly, I recall that the trend of hair scrunchies was popular in the Netherlands when I first acquired the domain, and it continues to be in demand both in physical stores and online marketplaces even to this day.

Currently, I am planning to decommission this domain and would consider any reasonable offer, as I purchased it for personal use, but never got around to creating a store.

If you find this domain interesting, please let me know and we can arrange to contact you as soon as possible!

Additional Information:
Registration -
Renewal - 10 €/y
Update date - 2023-01-31
Payment - escrow, Crypto