Cloudlinux hosting in different countries

Started by Dorothy, Oct 27, 2022, 11:22 AM

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Greetings to all members of the forum!
In this discussion, we shall inform you about new services, promotions, offers, and news. We are eager to hear your suggestions and feedback.

To put it briefly (in case someone is not aware of it yet), has been offering hosting services, dedicated servers for rent, and domain name registration since 2003. We specialize in providing high-quality services at a very affordable price. However, we only host legitimate websites, and those who attempt to grossly violate the law are immediately blocked. This approach has earned us positive trust from search engines.

Today, we have several hosting locations available for our clients - USA, Ukraine, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Britain, Italy, and many others. The clients can freely choose where they want their website to be hosted. For optimizers, we provide various sites with different IP addresses to choose from.

We have updated our line of tariff plans, and they are as follows:

Mini: 800 MB of space, 5 sites, price 1$
Master: 1600 MB of space, 10 sites, price 2$
Mega: 4000 MB of space, neogr.sites, price 3$
Optima: 6000 MB of space, neogr.sites, price 5$
Business: 15,000 MB of space, neogr.sites, price 8$
Freedom: 25000 MB of space, neogr.sites, price 14$
Freedom+: 50,000 MB of space, neogr.sites, price 22$

All hosting accounts operate on Cloudlinux and cPanel. Also, all our hosting clients receive a free and pre-installed SSL certificate - there is no need to create or link anything; we have done everything for you!

To all forum members, we offer an exclusive discount! By using our promo code, you are entitled to a 37% discount on our virtual hosting services and VPS servers. The discount is applicable to the first payment, no matter how long you order or pay for the service. You can find the tariff plans on our website:

Finally, we would like to remind you that all our hosting clients receive a free SSL certificate. You don't need to create or bind any keys; the SSL is automatically available for all websites. Check out our website for more information: