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We have great news to share with you regarding our hosting services! We're thrilled to announce our new line of tariffs, which provide ample disk space and significant cost savings.

Until February 28, 2023, our old rates will be available for ordering, after which they will only be valid for renewals. Existing customers can easily switch to any desired rate by contacting our technical support service.

Additionally, we now offer domain registration services in the domain zone. When ordering hosting, existing and new customers can receive a free domain name in this domain zone, with a limit of five domains per active hosting account. Other network users can order a domain name in the zone for just $0.99/year.

To check if a specific domain is available, simply enter its name in the address bar (e.g. If you see a message about a nonexistent page, the domain is available, and you can order it through our billing panel. If a third-party site or empty page opens, the domain is occupied and being used for a site or email.

We hope you enjoy our updated services, and if you have any questions about the domain zone, please don't hesitate to contact CloverHost technical support at


What are they accountable for in terms of an outage?



Unfortunately, the proposal published by @vietnamstyle89 is irrelevant, since it was published 9 years ago 😁 in 2014.

All current offers from our company are on the website:

Thank you.