Dedicated server in Europe Xeon E3-1230 v6 / 16GB / 2x 240GB SSD

Started by RaviFitness, Sep 23, 2022, 03:21 AM

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2Cloud, a company based in Riga, Latvia, offers a range of cloud services and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions of varying complexity. They specialize in supplying dedicated web server rentals, virtual server web hosting, and IaaS, as well as DDOS attack prevention solutions. All services are provided on their own.

For those who specify the promo code "25% DISCOUNT," a 25% discount is available on any dedicated server order. Servers from Dell, Fujitsu, and Supermicro based on Intel Xeon E3 v6 / Xeon E5 v4 / Xeon Scalable are offered.

Their services come with a wide selection of configuration options, solid-state drives, and connections from 100 MB/s to 1Gb/s, as well as unlimited traffic and support for IPv4 and IPv6. Full IPMI access and the option to rent 10 GB/s of a local network are also available.

To learn more about available configurations, please visit their website.

Contact details:

As someone who is interested in cloud services, I think it's important to carefully consider the provider and package that suits your needs. With the availability of discounts, 2Cloud may be worth checking out!