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Thank you for taking your time to explore Host Color cloud server offers. You can compare our public cloud solutions with AWS and Azure to discover how we can benefit your business.

Unlike AWS and Azure, we offer these perks:
- No charges for customer support
- No fees for every gigabyte transfer
- No fee for IOPS
- Our cloud services are easy-to-use, manageable, and simple to set up.

With HostColor.com, you retain full control over your cloud payments. See our entry-level public cloud server below:

Cloudweb - a public cloud server that offers:
CPU: 1 CPU core (2.5 GHz or higher)
RAM: 2 GB RAM (increased)
Data transfer: 2 TB
SSD drive: fail-safe SSD for 20 GB
SATA Storage: Enterprise SATA 30 GB
Internet connection speed: 100 Mbps port
Network: Layer 3, Cogent, AT&T
IPv4: 1 dedicated IP address
IPv6: Yes, available for free.
Operating system: on request
Scalability: Scale at any time.
High availability: additional services
Continuous availability (failure): support services
Price: $18/month - Register now

Why choose Host Color?
- Cloud services with emergency switching functions at the infrastructure level.
- Excellent location and data center of the Midwest of the USA in Indiana (near Chicago).
- Scalable IaaS cloud solution
- Premium Custom Security Configurations
- 24/7 support - responsive, friendly and knowledgeable.
- Fair prices, risk-free and high-quality IaaS cloud services.
- Our expertise lies in hosting servers since 2001.

Host Color has been a reliable IaaS hosting service provider since 2000, with our data center located at 746 S Arnold St, South Bend, IN 46619. Contact our sales department to create an individual offer at the best price. Let us know how we can help!