Data backup to remote server

Started by vizzmedia, Mar 24, 2023, 12:10 AM

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Good day!
I haven't come across such a query, although I'm confident it has already been posed before.

There is approximately one terabyte of data on my personal computer that requires backup configuration. Ideally, these backups should be stored in a "remote" location. Therefore, setting up local backups is not a viable option.

Unfortunately, I don't have any family members who are willing to keep the computer running constantly.
Moreover, manually copying files onto a disk, creating backups, and physically transporting them out of the house multiple times a month is quite inconvenient.

The only solution that comes to mind is renting a dedicated server. However, I couldn't find anything more affordable than $50 per month (considering the requirement of over 1TB in volume), which is too expensive for home backups.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could suggest an alternative method or a hosting service with more reasonable prices.


OVH is a hosting provider with a dedicated Lithuanian website,, which is entirely in Lithuanian.

Additionally, there is an Estonian hosting service that offers prompt support. As I have only been using it for a month, I cannot comment on its stability. I would appreciate hearing feedback from anyone who has experience with it.

Another reliable option is I have been using it for a year and have had a positive experience restoring data. I am subscribed to their CrashPlan + Family Unlimited plan. However, it is worth noting that the download speed may not be exceptionally fast.


You can find more information about AWS Glacier at

For those looking for an affordable backup solution, provides unlimited backup space for approximately $50 per year. However, please note that it may take around 6-8 months to upload 1 terabyte of data to their platform.

In addition to these options, it's always recommended to explore different providers and compare their features, prices, and speed to find the best fit for your specific needs.


There are several hosting providers, including Hetzner and, among others.

However, I also have a question regarding my specific requirements. I am in need of a 3TB virtual machine that comes with 256 MB of memory and a half-gigahertz processing speed. These specifications would be just right for my needs.