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Started by friv10games, Oct 17, 2022, 12:07 AM

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Hello everyone. I am seeking advice from experienced individuals about using Google cloud platform as a web hosting service. Unfortunately, I have not come across any straightforward guides on how to utilize this platform effectively.

If any of you happen to have personal experience with Google cloud platform, I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of this option. However, if you are unfamiliar with this topic, please refrain from providing advice to avoid wasting your own time, as well as mine and that of other members of the discussion forum.


In essence, this service can function as a typical VPS hosting solution. To begin, you purchase an instance of a specified configuration (whether static or dynamic), which grants you administrative root access over the server.

From here, you have complete control over your website - you can install a control panel like Vestacp, or build a custom LAMP stack according to your preferences. Additionally, you have the option to acquire additional elements on-demand such as file storage and separate database instances.

While I personally find Amazon's equivalent to be more user-friendly, I must acknowledge that this service is highly stable. However, it does come with a significant drawback in terms of its cost. Due to its reliability and uptime, this platform is most suitable for corporate clients who prioritize these features above all else.


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a comprehensive collection of cloud computing services provided by Google. The platform operates on the same infrastructure that powers Google's end-user applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Search, and YouTube.

In addition to its management tools, GCP offers a diverse range of modular cloud services including data storage, data analytics, machine learning, and computing solutions. New users must verify their registration with either a credit card or bank account information.

Julio Hancock

Using Google Hosting as a web hosting service is quite simple, despite the fact that its control center may appear overwhelming at first glance. Although GCP offers a $300 package that includes both cloud web hosting and a computing platform, it's not the best choice for beginners in cloud hosting. One downside to GCP is its technical support; although it does exist, the administration stresses that GCP is a "self-service system," which means users shouldn't rely solely on receiving help from the platform's support team.

On the other hand, GCP shines in terms of its quick data transfer speeds, large volume capacity (up to 64TB with high IOPS), and top-tier encryption system. However, the negative aspects of GCP include the high monthly fees and the limited technical support provided by the platform.


Google recently announced the introduction of managed node hosting for Web 3 Cloud Blockchain Node Engine development, aimed at streamlining the process for Web3 developers to create and deploy new products on blockchain-based platforms.

Blockchain Node Engine is a fully-managed node hosting service designed to minimize the need for node operations. With this service, Web3 companies requiring dedicated nodes can relay transactions, deploy smart contracts, and read/write blockchain data securely, with dependable performance and reliability provided by Google's cloud computing and networking infrastructure.

Initially, the Ethereum blockchain will be the first supported by Blockchain NodeEngine, enabling developers to provide secure access to fully managed Ethereum nodes. This feature allows Web 3 organizations to streamline preparation, maintain security while developing, and operate in a fully managed environment.