KnownHost Cloud webhosting.. how does it work?!

Started by evejones, Jun 29, 2022, 11:52 PM

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Hello, I am looking for a solution to host multiple high-traffic websites that use MySQL heavily. These sites include WordPress and other PHP/MySQL software that occasionally experience spikes in traffic, causing the MySQL to reach its maximum capacity and result in errors like "too many connections."

I am considering using KnownHost Cloud Hosting, which is built on OpenStack and Storpool using KVM. This gives me full kernel control with distributed storage, meaning that my data is split between many parallel SSD drives, working together to provide the redundancy of the cloud and the speed of massive parallel architecture.

My question is: Does this mean that MySQL is also distributed among multiple SSDs, minimizing the risk of hitting its capacity limit? Or am I misunderstanding how Cloud KVM works?

If it turns out that hosting MySQL on its own server is the more practical solution, what other setup or hosting options do you recommend for high-traffic database and MySQL usage sites? I'm open to any suggestion that can minimize the chance of hitting MySQL's ceiling, even with the config settings set as high as possible while keeping it stable.

Do you suggest any load-balancing cloud hosting options that automatically scale up or down depending on traffic and requests?


I think that the distributed storage is only for storage purposes. To get more precise information about the host's platform design and setup, I would suggest directly contacting their support team. If you are experiencing peak loads as mentioned earlier, you could try transferring MYSQL onto its own server or consider using a Database as a Service (DBaaS).

For instance, DigitalOcean provides DBaaS, which I mention because I use DO for my individual projects. However, I have not yet used their DBaaS service.


The best option would be to contact the support service. I think they know why there are such loads. It is possible that loads occur due to unforeseen circumstances, which can only be solved by the host support service.


KnownHost is a reputable service provider that has been offering excellent services for several years. They primarily offer managed VPS packages and do not provide full hosting services. While they may provide special options, their website only displays VPS options to avoid losing VPS customers.

KnownHost has a high uptime guarantee of 99.996%, with reliable data centers enabling uninterrupted service. However, it is unclear what happens if the site goes down. Despite no 24/7 live chat or phone support, their offshore technical team assists with issues.

KnownHost offers two simple plans, shared hosting and dedicated hosting, which may suffice for most users. The pricing of managed VPS packages is relatively low compared to other providers, and additional add-ons are available.

Overall, KnownHost is an excellent hosting company with a focus on VPS services. They own their data centers, have a solid reputation for stable hosting, and provide high-quality VPS services. The downsides include limited options outside of VPS hosting and a lack of 24/7 support.