Transfer Django site to virtual webhosting

Started by arold10, Feb 24, 2023, 12:10 AM

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arold10Topic starter


I've just started my adventure with the django framework and already created a basic website on my local server. However, I'm facing a challenge of transferring it to shared hosting. Unlike the previous websites I made with WordPress and Joomla, it seems that moving a django-based site won't be that easy.

I'd appreciate your advice on how to transfer my website to virtual hosting. Do I need to purchase any extra services from the host? Moreover, what should I do if there is no console available to use the migration command on the hosting?

Thank you in advance!


Have you considered using a VPS/VDS with either nginx and gunicorn/uwsgi for your website? Alternatively, you might want to explore the option of using docker.

Another hosting solution worth considering is OpenShift - it offers a range of flexible hosting options and great support across multiple languages.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a host that comes with certain restrictions, Heroku could be a great option.

Hope this helps!


Have you considered using PythonAnywhere for your website? It's a great platform to practice on and comes with minimal setup required (only a config for nginx registration) - which is sufficient for functionality testing purposes.

While I'm aware that Timeweb and some other hosting options have Python 2 available, it's worth noting that VPS is typically the go-to choice for such needs.