★ 1U COLOCATION ★ 12 Data Centers ★ From $57/mo

Started by mit_searchonic, Nov 26, 2022, 01:49 AM

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Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. You can obtain colocation services at twelve data centers across the United States, including South Bend (Indiana), Cleveland (Ohio), Detroit (Michigan), Kansas City (Missouri), Latham, Staten Island and New York City (New York), Charlotte (North Carolina), Dallas (Texas), and Bend (Oregon).

★★★ Plan 1U - 4U LOCATION ★★★

The following features are included:
- APC/Schneider Electric NetShelter rack cabinets with 1U-4U rack server units
- Free online interface for remote rebooting
- Power of one ampere (120 V)
- One GigE Internet connection port
- PROMO data transfer of 5 TB or 100 MB/s
- Fully redundant network, guaranteed 100% uptime service level agreement
- Free network/traffic/port monitoring
- Remote reboot
- Total /30 IPv4 subnets with four IP addresses (only one usable IP address)
- Enabled IPv6 address
- Monthly contract (no mandatory annual contract)

Prices for hosting servers:
- HOSTING A 3U SERVER: $79/month
- HOSTING A 4U SERVER: $89/month

Additional services include:
- Upgrade to 100 Mbit/s unlimited bandwidth: $95 per month (promotional offer)
- Upgrade to unlimited speed of 1000 Mbps (full unlimited bandwidth of 1 GigE): $850 per month (promotional offer)
- US$ 1 per IP per month for IPv4 Addresses (large IPv4 blocks receive a discount)
- Free IPv6 address: up to /48 free IPv6 blocks
- Power 1 Ampere: $18 per month
- One additional GigE Ethernet Network port: $5 per month
- Remote Hands: $94 per hour (paid in 15-minute increments)
- Fully managed placement: $69.95/month (1 server)
- Cross-connections: $80/month

Host Color was selected for colocation due to the following reasons:
- Redundant network managed by Juniper, 100% uptime SLA guarantee
- Excellent location and data center near Chicago (South Bend, Indiana)
- Low energy cost with higher energy density per cabinet
- Responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable 24/7 support staff
- Fair pricing, risk-free, and high-quality colocation services
- Extensive experience hosting servers since 2000

HostColor has been a dependable web hosting service provider since 2000, with its data center located at 746 S Arnold St, South Bend, IN 46619 (90 miles from Chicago). If you are interested, please contact our sales department by visiting account.hostcolor.com/submitticket.php. We can work together to create an individual offer that suits your needs at the best price. Let us know how we may be of assistance!

You may visit http://www.hostcolor.com/ for more information.