Arizona Colocation offering prices starting at $50 with 3 months absolutely free

Started by aqxmdwruc, Apr 13, 2023, 07:48 AM

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Omnis Network is dedicated to providing valuable services, including dual, fiber optic connections to popular POPs for infinite connectivity options. Their team of network engineers and 24/7 operations staff ensures that your systems run flawlessly.

As an exclusive offer for Web Hosting Talk Users, Omnis Network is offering three free months on a 24-month contract for colocation services. The offer includes various rack space configurations with power ports, bandwidth options, IP addresses, remote hands, and competitive mining pricing available upon request.

Their Tempe, Arizona facility is located in a safe area free from natural disasters and can accommodate equipment needs by the rack or cabinet. Omnis offers private raised floor cages, multiple connectivity options, and uninterrupted power and cooling. Contact or call (877) 393-4678 to learn more.