Data center services in Europe

Started by satyampandey, Nov 11, 2022, 11:10 AM

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satyampandeyTopic starter

Greetings! CloudHosting offers services from its own ENERGY data center in Riga, Latvia. The location is strategically important for Europe, and the data center meets all necessary standards.

Our services include:
- VDS/VPS servers, ideal for internet projects requiring more than traditional virtual hosting. Our server virtualization uses KVM technology, ensuring optimal performance with specific hardware settings.
- Dedicated server rental, providing a powerful, modern option for your business needs.
- Virtual web hosting, available with two control panels - Cpanel and ISP Manager. We offer a free 7-day trial period for our hosting platform.
- SSL certificates at affordable prices from leading brands.
- Server placement (colocation) in our data center with complete data confidentiality and specialist maintenance.

We provide various options for our services, such as different virtualization technologies for our servers, rates for different levels of disk space for our web hosting, and SSL certificates with different types of verification. Our goal is to offer flexible solutions to meet our clients' unique needs.