Colocation: Full Racks | New York Data Center | Starting at $38/m*

Started by nicolebeckett, Feb 24, 2023, 04:14 AM

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TurnKey Internet offers a range of services including Colocation, web hosting, cloud hosting and virtual servers. They have their own Green Data Center which enables their team to quickly respond to customer queries and provide solutions directly from their specialist team located in the same building as the server. TurnKey Internet are experts in cloud hosting and data centers, and endeavours to help customers achieve success on the internet.

Their Colocation packages in New York includes server location, network uptime guarantee, IPv4 addresses integrated into dedicated Cisco Layer 3 ports, free phone, chat and support service, and more. There are three different Colocation packages available, each with varying rack space, power protection, bandwidth, IP addresses and pricing.

Colocation III is for a single server with up to 4U of rack space, maximum protection power of 4 amps at 120 V, 1000 Mbit GigE port, monthly transfer of 300 TB, and costs $209 per month.

Colocation II is for a single server with up to 2U of rack space, maximum protected power of 2 amps at 120 V, 100 Mbit port, monthly transfer of 30 TB, and costs $89 per month.

Colocation I is for a single server with 1U rack space, protected power of 1 ampere at 120 V, 10 Mbit port, monthly transfer of 3 TB, and costs $38 per month.

This range of Colocation packages offer customers a variety of options to fit their specific hosting needs and budget. TurnKey Internet also provides additional lifetime discounts when paying for a year in advance for any of their Colocation packages.