Hosting in Latvia

Started by emmawilliam87, Nov 14, 2022, 01:35 AM

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The company has its own data center in Latvia, which enables it to offer a diverse range of high-quality web services. This includes and

At our company, every client is unique and we make sure that all the resources entrusted to us work seamlessly. This approach is evident in our dealings with both managers and employees.

Our services cater to customers who require secure hosting of their telecommunications and IT infrastructure, software applications, websites, and backup systems. We offer several services such as Hosting, VPS, Colocation, and Domain Registration.

Hosting involves renting disk space on the CloudHosting server(s) to host websites and emails. With VPS, clients rent disk space on CloudHosting servers with agreed-upon platform and operating system configurations. Colocation allows the client to use the technical resources of the data center to host their servers, while the installation of equipment in racks and connection is taken care of by our specialists. Additionally, we register domain names and place them on our ns servers.

Our company offers several other services, and you can always contact our support service for any questions or queries. Our technical support is available 24/7, including weekends and night hours.