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Started by tvalexndar, Sep 20, 2022, 11:08 AM

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Unihost has decided to transfer all of its OpenVZ VPS to SSD. This decision comes with a host of benefits such as unlimited traffic, DDoS protection, root access to the server, free access to DNS servers, and fast SSD Drives. The OpenVZ VPS servers are located in France and serviced by certified specialists, making them highly reliable. The offered plans include VZ-1, VZ-2, VZ-3, and VZ-4 which go for $5/month, $9/month, $14/month, and $19/month respectively.

SSDs have been found to be much better when compared to other alternatives. For instance, queries in the database take only a couple of seconds to process, files are copied and moved 10-50 times faster, and CMS installation takes place almost instantly. To enjoy these benefits, visit to choose your new OpenVZ VPS on SSD.