★ Midwest Colocation - 42U/20A/1Gbit - $398- Free Setup ★

Started by Jineshsethia, Dec 29, 2022, 10:31 AM

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The 42U full cabinet comes with a PDU and can use a 120V/20A - 1920W circuit. It offers 1 Gbit bandwidth (AS32097), has 12 fibers for Meet-Me-Room, an IPv4 domain, and an IPv6 area. The installation fee is $0 - $398/month on a monthly contract.

For the Special 10G package, you also get a 42U Full Cabinet with a PDU included, and it uses a 120V/20A - 1920W circuit. You get 10 Gbps bandwidth (AS32097), 12 fibers for Meet-Me-Room, an IPv4 domain, and an IPv6 area. The installation fee is $0 - $700/month on a monthly contract.

Alternatively, for the Special 30A/208V 10G option, the package includes a PDU, 10 Gbps bandwidth (AS32097), 12 fibers for Meet-Me-Room, an IPv4 domain, and an IPv6 area. It uses a 208V/30A - 4992W circuit instead. The installation fee is $0 - $1000/month on a monthly contract.

Updates to bandwidth include 1 Gbit for $60 per month, 10Gbps for $500 per month, 100Gbps for $4500 per month, and 400 Gbps for $17,000 per month. They can send up to 400 Gbps per port, and you can reach out to аарон@wholesaleinternet.net to place an order.

The facility offers different power supplies from different substations and has a dedicated substation switch. Dedicated wires go directly to the substation of the NCS, and Evergy Tier 1 customers have the same recovery priority as hospitals and 911. They have N+1 gas and diesel generators with A/B/C/D backup power, 13200V main power, and 480V secondary power. The facility has 20 MW available.

The network offers free fiber-optic cross with KCIX and connections to KCIX, STLIX, HOUIX, SpringIX, DesMoinesIX, EVIX, OPTIX, DE-CIX Dallas, and SIX. Dark fiber can be provided by Zayo, KCFiber, UPN, Consolidated, and telecom operators include KCFiber/liNKCity, Wholesale Internet, Zayo, AT&T, UPN, Consolidate, Hurricane Electric, Verizon, Cogent, and Arelion. There is a common room for meetings, dedicated Wave and DF for 1102 Grand, 1100 Walnut, and 101 Holmes. The facility has four different fiber entry points.

Safety measures include round-the-clock video surveillance 7/365 with 100% 4K UHD cameras and each data center floor part being visible from two sides. Average police response time is less than two minutes, and the building can accommodate a 40-foot trailer for loading/unloading/safe parking. Delivery storage is under secure measures, and there is contactless two-factor biometric authentication.

Environmental aspects of the facility include N+1 air conditioners, raised floor design with hot/cold islands, temperature/humidity/pressure sensors on each shelf, automatic humidity control, and a 30-minute response time for HVAC service contracts.

The facility's construction features a fully steel frame without load-bearing walls, no external walls of the data center, a 20-feet distance between posts, ceiling height of 15 feet, outside flooding plane and surrounded by federal taxation, cement floor with unlimited floor load, a 5000-pound freight elevator, five internal safe loading docks, and four independent fire extinguishing systems. There is also access to the roof with direct visibility of downtown Kansas City, Western Bottoms, and Fairfax County.

Conveniences offered by the facility include workspace with personal workspace, a kitchen area, Wi-Fi, round-the-clock access, reception, and storage of goods, and a large parking lot within the project.

Wholesale Internet started in 1999 and operates its KCFiber subsidiary in North Kansas City, Missouri, delivering fiber optic assets to every building and apartment building in the city. They own all their equipment, real estate, and manage their own fiber optic network with their internal and external staff. The network includes local connections to 1102 Grand and 1100 Walnut, along with locations in several other states across the US and direct connections with China Telecom and Unicom, as well as direct relationships with more than 600 partners through 12 Internet exchanges. Visit http://www.wholesaleinternet.net for further details.