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Started by barbarahambly, Mar 02, 2023, 02:00 AM

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Cervacus, a UK-based company headquartered in Rothwell and Kettering, Northamptonshire, aims to offer affordable colocation services in the Midlands region. With Servacus DC, customers can avail joint placement of racks ranging from 1U to 42U. Need a quote? Contact us at https://servacus.co.uk/contact-us.


- PATH.net's 7Tbps filters protect against DDoS attacks around the clock.
- Access to PATH.net's filters and firewalls.
- 1Gbps and 10Gbps ports available.
- Enables DDoS protection with an attack log.
- User management portal for bandwidth, capacity, and DDoS attack monitoring.
- Premium network with unlimited internal traffic.
- Remote reboot capability.
- Free rack and wiring.
- Rack Layout Manager.
- Network Schema Manager.
- 99.99% uptime SLA.
- SLA guarantees 99.99% connection availability.

Why choose us:

- We are a reputable British company with a dedicated technical team.
- We develop our own tools, including the server control panel.
- Our prices are transparent and affordable.
- The data center is owned and operated by Servacus.


One server [1U-4U]:
Starting from £35/month +VAT
For details, visit https://servacus.co.uk/server-colocation

Colocation 9U:
Starting from £150/month +VAT
For details, visit https://servacus.co.uk/четверть-стойка

21U Colocation:
Starting from £400/month +VAT
For details, visit https://servacus.co.uk/half-racks

47U Colocation:
Starting from £800/month +VAT
For details, visit https://servacus.co.uk/fullrack

Data Center Capabilities:

- PATH.net's 12Tbps+ filters provide continuous protection against DDoS attacks.
- Connectivity through BT, GTT, Cogent, and Level 3.
- Backup network, cooling, and power supply.
- Backup diesel generator.
- Video surveillance and traffic monitoring.
- Security measures with police response.
- No long-term contract or installation fees.
- 100% green data center.
- PATH.net's WHMCS/API Reseller Module.

Servacus upholds transparency, ensuring no hidden costs or unexpected charges.

For pricing details, visit https://servacus.co.uk/colocation
To set up an order, send an email to info@servacus.co.uk or contact me directly.